New puppy at home | dog training for beginners

What should I teach my puppy first?

As you might be already aware, dog training is not necessarily teaching the cues and commands to which your dog is supposed to respond to. Dog training includes changing her behavior, preventing future problems, socializing a pup, and much more.

Dogs learn by acting and feeling the consequences of their actions. They spend a lot of time observing us and are good at reading our body language. Therefore, a dog can behave well without knowing even a single command.

With a young puppy, the most important dog training part is thoughtful socialization. Also, potty training is essential. Then, we recommend starting with basic rules when you first get your puppy. For example, the rules such as you shouldn't jump on the sofa, you shouldn't grab food off the table, you should wait for a collar to be put on, etc. These basic rules count as the very first training for your dog.

When your puppy is 3 months or older, you can start with her basic obedience training, such as encouraging her to follow your hand with food, waiting with all 4 paws on the ground to be petted, and so on.

When it comes to training a dog, consistency is key. Though it’s hard to stay consistent without having a plan. That’s why Wiglo offers a personalized training roadmap (see an image example below), that’s made for each dog manually by Wiglo team. If you wish to get one for your puppy, please complete a 5-min survey (click here to start the survey), sign-up for a membership at Wiglo, and we will send you the roadmap within 24 hours.