Every fur-baby needs education 

78% consider their pet as a ‘fur-baby' ⁽¹⁾. Yet only 4% of dogs in the U.S. take a training class⁽²⁾.

Train your dog at home following short day-to-day lessons. Get help from pro trainers online.

(1) According to Statista.com

(2) According to American Pet Product Association National Pet Owners Survey 

Why do most parents fail in training their dog?

“My dog sits perfectly during the training sessions, but gives a blank stare when I ask her to sit when we’re in the park.”

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “But he does it at home!” when your dog fails to respond in a new environment, your dog has not yet generalized the behavior to all contexts.

The neocortex, also referred to as the association cortex, more developed in humans than in dogs, is specialized in learning the regularities in the environment (Norman & O’Reilly, 2003). It identifies similarities between events and makes it possible to generalize. So once we’ve learned how to drive one car, we can quickly adjust and drive different cars.

A dog’s failure to perform is often seen as the dog’s deliberate choice to not comply. In reality, it means a dog doesn’t know the behavior to the extent you believe he does. That’s a training problem; the training wasn’t consistent enough, the behavior wasn’t generalized and taught to fluency. 

Consistent training is the key, and that’s why Wiglo exists. We will walk you through the training day to day until you succeed.

Explore behaviors you can start improving today

Potty Training

14-DAY PROGRAM  |  15-30 MIN/DAY

It’s essential for any dog living at home. The program is most common for little puppies, but it works for older dogs as well, for example, rescue dogs who were never potty trained before.

You will potty train your dog by:

  • Setting up a stable timetable for your pup

  • Adjusting the home environment

  • Finding your dog’s favorite spot outside for doing business

  • Setting a cue for pottying
  • Understanding and keeping track of potty incidents for adjusting the timetable

  • Learning dog’s body language to know when it’s time to go out

  • Gradually adjusting the timetable as your pup grows and can hold for longer

Solve Reactivity

21-DAY PROGRAM  |  15-30 MIN/DAY

Follow this program to calm down a reactive dog in general, start managing their triggers and avoid further reactivity. Meeting other dogs outside won’t be as stressful, and having guests over will be as pleasant.

You will solve reactivity by:

  • Understanding which situations triggers your dog’s reactivity

  • Knowing what collar and leash is the best for your dog

  • Learning the list of specific behaviors to understand how your dog is feeling in different situations

  • Building your dog’s food drive
  • Teaching your dog the “look at me” cue that helps to distract and calm down a dog, and put the dog’s attention off the trigger 

  • Improving the success rate of the “look at me” cue in various conditions, e.g. near other dogs, cyclists, or any other triggers

  • Teaching the “Jackpot” cue which works great for situations when you feel that your dog will stress out in a second

  • Building your dog’s prey (toys) drive as toys can be as good a reinforcer as treats

  • Teaching “Grab it” and “Leave it” cues for safe and happy playing

  • Teaching your dog to “Find it” works great as a cue to calm down an aroused dog

  • Teaching the “Touch” cue, which is very useful when you need to walk your dog through the trigger while keeping the attention

  • Understanding how to continuously desensitize your dog’s triggers

Solve Separation Anxiety

28-DAY PROGRAM  |  15-30 MIN/DAY

Due to a year-long lockdown, most dogs forgot what it's like to be alone, and “lockdown puppies” have never been alone in their whole life. By completing this program you will teach your dog how to stay calm at home alone, and avoid howling, barking, and destructive behavior. 

You will solve separation anxiety by:

  • Getting your dog used to a sanctuary area (a limited space in the room usually made using a pet gate)

  • Lowering dog’s stress to triggers that set off the anxiety when you leave home (putting on shoes or a coat, getting the keys or your bag)

  • Gradually increasing the time your dog spends calm alone in the sanctuary

  • Getting your dog comfortable spending time alone when you’re out of sight

  • Teaching your dog to play or rest alone in the sanctuary when you leave home
  • Desensitizing triggers that set off when you leave home or come back

Crate Training

28-DAY PROGRAM  |  15-25 MIN/DAY

For dogs with destructive behavior or barking, crate training will improve their confidence and often fix their problematic behavior. Also, a crate will keep your nosy puppy safe when you’re not able to supervise, it will help to safely transport your pooch, and most importantly, it can be a lifesaver during emergencies for dogs of all ages. 

You will crate train your dog by:

  • Gradually building dog’s confidence towards the crate

  • Gradually increasing the time a dog can stay calm and relaxed in the crate

  • Showing a dog that the crate is the best place to get praised

  • Setting a cue for a dog to go inside the crate
  • Getting a dog used to a closed gate of the crate

  • Creating a cave out of the crate, it can reduce anxiety and stress

  • Getting a dog used to spend time in the crate while you’re doing something, e.g. working out, eating or cooking, reading, watching TV, etc.

  • Desensitizing departure triggers, e.g. putting on a coat or shoes, getting keys

Recall Training

21-DAY PROGRAM  |  15-30 MIN/DAY

Teach your dog to come every time you call. Protect your dog from running away, getting on a busy road, or approaching not a friendly dog (or a neighbor’s cat).

You will teach a perfect recall by:

  • Building your dog’s food drive

  • Teaching your dog the “look at me” cue that helps to get the dog’s attention

  • Improving the success rate of the “look at me” cue in various conditions, e.g. near other dogs, cyclists, or any other triggers

  • Teaching the “Jackpot” cue which works great for situations when you feel that your dog will lose focus because of an upcoming trigger
  • Building your dog’s prey (toys) drive as toys can be as good a reinforcer as treats

  • Teaching “Grab it” and “Leave it” cues for safe and happy playing

  • Playing the “Fetch-game” which shows your dog that being near you means getting a treat (food or a toy)

  • Playing “Hide-and-seek” for teaching your dog to come even when you’re out of sight

  • Gradually shortening the training leash for a dog to get used to carrying less and less weight, then being off-leash

Stop Scavenging

14-DAY PROGRAM  |  15-20 MIN/DAY

Teach your dog to stop eating everything he sees (or sniffs) while out walking. Not only is it often gross, but it can be dangerous. Eating weird things can cause an upset stomach or even require a trip to the veterinarian.

You will stop your dog from eating off the ground by:

  • Teaching the cue “Leave it”

  • Improving the “Leave it” cue in different situations and locations. Dogs don’t generalize, meaning if a dog learns to do the cue at home, it doesn’t mean he knows how to do it outside

  • Teaching to drop a toy or food from the mouth by exchanging it with another toy or a treat. It works great for times when a dog is chewing something that’s unhealthy or dangerous

  • Teaching to drop anything from the mouth after the cue, without giving anything in exchange
  • Teaching to leave the food on the ground

  • Teaching to wait for your cue after finding some food on the ground

Stop Leash Pulling

14-DAY PROGRAM  |  15-30 MIN/DAY

Teach your dog to walk beside you like a prince or princess. Leash pulling can be not only frustrating but dangerous as well, both for you and your dog. 

You will stop leash pulling by:

  • Learning that allowing your dog to sniff can work as a praise

  • Playing a “tight-leash” exercise will teach your dog to look back at you when the leash gets tight

  • Using a different leash when your dog is most likely to pull so it wouldn’t affect the training

  • Doing “Heeling” exercise to show your dog that walking next to you is fun and rewarding
  • Playing “Loose leash” game so your dog would come back at you without asking

  • Teaching your dog the “look at me” cue that helps to get the dog’s attention

  • Teaching the “Touch” cue, which is very useful when you need to walk your dog through the trigger while keeping the attention, and the leash loose

  • Playing the “No sniffing” game would help out when you’re in a rush

Solve Attention Seeking


Follow this program to solve excessive begging, nudging, barking out of jealousy, or an endless need to throw a toy. 

You will solve excessive attention seeking by:

  • Teaching a dog to relax on their own, in their bed, or in a sanctuary

  • Managing both good and bad attention towards a dog. For dogs, there is no bad or good attention, they value it as much

  • Setting a daily routine of activities. When a dog asks for attention, it doesn't necessarily mean that she lacks attention. It might mean a lack of schedule, and dogs love routine

  • Gradually teaching a dog to spend more time alone, play with toys, chew bones, or sleep
  • Finding out new activities that both you and your dog could enjoy

Build A Strong Bond

14-DAY PROGRAM  |  15-20 MIN/DAY

Strengthen a relationship with your pooch by following a variety of games and activities. It will improve your dog’s concentration, and he will start paying more attention to you, rather than being distracted by everything happening around them. 

You will strengthen your bond by:

  • Finding what motivates your fur-baby

  • Surprising your dog for no reason

  • Hand-feeding

  • Using treats for teaching
  • Praising for ...nothing!

  • Encouraging your pup to look into your eyes

  • Understanding that not every touch is pleasant to a dog

  • Not disturbing a dog when she is sleeping, resting

  • Comforting your pup when she is afraid

  • Training fun tricks

  • Doing agility exercises

  • Gradually desensitizing not so pleasant activities (nail clipping, brushing fur or teeth)

Keep A Dog Off Your Bed


Even if you couldn’t resist cuddling with a beloved pooch on your bed or sofa until it got out of control… By following this program you will train your dog that it’s your bed, and the pup has their place to chill.

You will be able to keep a dog off your bed or sofa by:

  • Setting up a calm and safe place for your fur-baby

  • Teaching a cue to get off your bed or sofa

  • Teaching a cue to go to her bed (place)

  • Rewarding for spending time off your bed or sofa
  • Teaching a cue for jumping on bed or sofa (only when it’s allowed)

Ultimate Dog Planner


40 x Printables to stay organized & consistent by tracking everything about your beloved pooch in one binder!

Consistency is the best dog trainer

Discover why thousands of dog parents use Wiglo daily to train their fur-babies


See improvement  training 15-min/day

Follow short daily lessons to avoid procrastination, access 100+ science-based lessons on any device & do the training whenever you have time.


Perfect for beginners

Easy-to-follow for new dog parents, works for puppies and grown-ups & no prior dog training experience is needed to succeed.


Perfect for beginners

Easy-to-follow for new dog parents, works for puppies and grown-ups & no prior dog training experience is needed to succeed.


Made to stay consistent 

Track progress on printable calendars to keep you motivated, receive certificates and badges for completing programs & win prizes by collecting badges.

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Dog owners spend 3x times more on grooming (est. $122 avg. annual expenses) than training their dog (est. $38 avg. annual expenses)⁽¹⁾.

(1) According to Statista.com, 2020 Survey

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Wiglo is a young business that was created by a couple who once asked a dog trainer to write a step-by-step training tutorial that could be followed at home, instead of meeting in person. 

Frequently asked questions

Why is in-person training not necessary?

No matter how good (or expensive) a trainer is, a dog's behavior couldn’t be fixed in a few in-person training sessions. The real change happens at home, during your daily routine.

That’s why we provide you with day-to-day training programs that you could follow as if a trainer would be standing beside you every single day. 

And if you get stuck or have a question, you can write on a discussion board to receive an answer from a professional trainer in 24 hours, usually in less than 15 minutes.

Is Wiglo online training programs for me?

Our online day-to-day training programs are based on science, positive reinforcement methodology and designed to be simple, short, and clear. 

Wiglo is a perfect choice for new dog parents who wish to:

  • Save money by not spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on in-person training

  • Save time by not reading books full of theory without any clear action plan

  • Save energy by not doing the guesswork researching various sources online

Are these training programs for young puppies or older dogs?

Wiglo training programs work for dogs of all ages, and no matter if you have a purebred or a mixed rescue. All dogs are welcome to be trained!

Who made Wiglo training programs?

Every training program was made by our team of highly certified professional dog trainers who have many years of experience in the field. 

They’ve trained hundreds of dogs in person and now joined Wiglo to help hundreds of thousands of dogs. In a digital age, and with the help of online training programs that every beginner can follow themselves – it became possible.

When can I expect results?

It depends on the behavior you’re trying to improve, but generally speaking, by doing 10-15 minute training sessions daily for a few weeks you will wonder where your dog is, and who this good boy (or girl) is. It’s all about consistent training!

What if I get stuck during the training or have a question?

Each day’s training has its discussion board where you can ask questions, upload a video if needed, and receive an answer from a professional trainer in 24 hours, usually in less than 15 minutes.

How will I receive access to online training programs?

After completing the payment for the subscription, you will receive a welcome email to set up a password for your account at school.wiglo.dog 

After you’ve set up your account password, you could access all of our training programs on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, or PC) by visiting school.wiglo.dog

If you encounter any issues regarding access to training programs, please contact us at hello@wiglo.dog and we will help you out!

How do online training programs work?

The training programs are based on a single-tasking methodology which makes it easier to stay consistent, more easily achievable, and less stressful. 

Each training program is divided into short daily training sessions that unlock each day. After succeeding in today’s training and marking it as complete, you will continue to the next day's training. 

If you didn’t succeed on today’s task, we recommend you repeat it the next day, until you reach the day’s training goal and only then move to the next training. 

This way, you will steadily improve your dog’s behavior day after day.

What rewards can I win by completing training programs?

By completing each training program you will earn unique badges as certificates. At the end of each annual quarter, we will randomly select 5 winners (out of those who earned at least one badge certificate during a quarter) for various prizes: limited edition Wiglo merchandise, dog toys, treats, useful training equipment, and free months of Wiglo membership. The more badges you will collect, the more chances of winning you will have. Having a perfectly trained dog always pays off!

Which devices can be used to access training programs?

Our online training platform can be accessed on any mobile device, a tablet, laptop, or PC. You may even change devices and the progress will be saved, so you would always know where you have left off. 

If I subscribe now, will I have access to all future training programs?

Yes! By being a member at Wiglo, you will have access to all current and future training programs that we launch every month. 

How does the subscription work?

After subscribing for a monthly membership, you will have access to all current and future Wiglo training programs. You will be automatically charged repeatedly every month, on the day of your purchase, until you decide to cancel or change your subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel or change your subscription, you can do it at any time. Your subscription confirmation email has a link to your subscription settings. You can manage your subscription from there. Also, you may contact us by email at hello@wiglo.dog in order to cancel or change your subscription. 

Canceling your subscription won't refund past payments, but will stop all future payments. You'll keep any badges you earned while subscribed. Work you did in unfinished courses will reappear if you subscribe again.

Can I get a refund if I already paid?

We offer a full refund within the subscription’s first 14 days. If 14 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund.

What if I couldn’t afford the subscription price?

We want to make the training programs accessible for everyone, so if you wish to join Wiglo but for some reason couldn't pay the full price, do not hesitate and reach out via hello@wiglo.dog, and we will work something out.

Why do people cancel their subscriptions?

Usually, it’s dog parents that are looking for some secret quick fix for their dog’s unwanted behavior and are not willing to put effort (or don’t have the patience) in general.

Then, some clients decide to try out in-person training, but they usually come back after getting the same training guidance but many times more expensive.

And some simply don’t let us know why they’ve left. So if you do decide to cancel, please let us know why – we strive to continuously improve our training programs and service in general to satisfy every client’s needs.

Ask us anything!

You can also reach out to hello@wiglo.dog and we will be in touch.

Improve dog’s behavior one day at a time

Is your dog reactive (barking, growling) towards people, other dogs, cars, or any other triggers? It should be the first behavior to improve as it’s the base of the dog’s mental state – to be comfortable with the surroundings. We recommend doing the 21-Day program for solving reactivity unless your fur-baby isn’t potty trained yet.

The training programs are listed by the recommended priority. Although each case is different and you should start from any behavior that needs improvement. The training itself is already a win for a doggo. If you’re willing to tackle a few behaviors at once, that’s perfect! You may combine any programs. 

Want a personalized training roadmap for your dog? Email hello@wiglo.dog with the subject line “Need a training roadmap for (your dog’s name)”.

List of training programs you'll get access to:

1. Potty Training | 14-DAY PROGRAM 

2. Solve Reactivity | 21-DAY PROGRAM  

3. Solve Separation Anxiety | 28-DAY PROGRAM  

4. Crate Training | 28-DAY PROGRAM 

5. Recall Training | 21-DAY PROGRAM  

6. Stop Scavenging | 14-DAY PROGRAM 

7. Stop Leash Pulling | 14-DAY PROGRAM  

8. Solve Attention Seeking | 7-DAY PROGRAM  

9. Build A Strong Bond | 14-DAY PROGRAM 

10. Keep A Dog Off Your Bed | 7-DAY PROGRAM

11. Ultimate Dog Planner | 40x PRINTABLES