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Positive Training for Improving Unwanted Behaviors

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Are you a dog parent struggling with some challenging behaviors from your furry friend? You're not alone. 

Here at Wiglo Online School for Dog Parents, we understand the unique challenges you face and have crafted a solution just for you. 

Let's dive into some common issues and how our 7-day training guides can help.

Leash Pulling

"Every time we go for a walk, it's like my dog is taking me for a run. How can I get him to stop pulling on the leash?"

"Walking my dog is a struggle; she's always tugging hard and chasing after squirrels. Is there a way to make walks more enjoyable for both of us?"

Day 1: Introduce a suitable harness and leash.

 - Choose comfortable gear.

 - Avoid yanking or pulling back hard.

Day 2: Short walks focusing on a loose leash.

 - Reward calm walking

 - Don’t allow pulling to lead them to their goal.

Day 3: Stop when pulled; continue when relaxed.

 - Be patient.

 - Consistency is key.

Day 4: Practice changing directions.

 - Keeps the dog attentive.

 - Avoid sudden, sharp turns.

Day 5: Increase walk duration with stop-and-go.

 - Maintain calmness and patience.

 - Don’t rush the process.

Day 6: Consistent commands and rewards.

 - Use clear cues.

 - Inconsistent commands can confuse the dog.

Day 7: Assess progress; practice in new environments.

 - Keep training varied.

 - Avoid overstimulating environments initially.

Separation Anxiety

"Whenever I leave the house, my dog starts whining and scratching at the door. How can I help him stay calm when I'm gone?"

"I can't even step out to get the mail without my dog panicking. What can I do to ease her anxiety?"

Day 1: Short departures and returns.

 - Keep departures/returns low-key.

 - Don’t fuss over the dog before leaving.

Day 2: Gradually extend time away.

 - Increase time in small increments

 - Avoid rushing this process.

Day 3: Leave a comforting item.

 - Items with your scent can help

 - Don’t create a fuss when leaving.

Day 4: Vary your departure routine.

 - Helps prevent anxiety triggers

 - Avoid predictable patterns.

Day 5: Gradual increase in alone time.

 - Monitor for signs of stress.

 - Don’t punish signs of anxiety.

Day 6: Continue practice with varied routines.

 - Keep practicing random departures.

 - Avoid lengthy goodbyes.

Day 7: Evaluate and prepare for next steps.

 - Look for improvements.

 - Avoid leaving the dog alone too long too soon.

Jumping on People

"My dog jumps up on every person who walks through our door. How can I teach her to greet people politely?"

"It's embarrassing when my dog leaps on guests. What's the best way to stop this behavior?"

Day 1: Teach and reinforce “sit” to greet.

 - Reward sitting.

 - Ignore jumping behavior.

Day 2: Practice with familiar people.

 - Consistent reinforcement.

 - Avoid pushing the dog off; it can be misinterpreted as play.

Day 3: Introduce new people.

 - Keep interactions controlled.

 - Guests should ignore jumping.

Day 4: Practice unexpected greetings.

 - Simulate real-life scenarios.

 - Don’t scold for jumping; redirect instead.

Day 5: Continue with varied visitors.

 - Consistent reinforcement.

 - Avoid overexcitement which can trigger jumping.

Day 6: Increase distractions.

 - Reward calm behavior.

 - Don’t forget to practice 'sit' regularly.

Day 7: Review and refine technique.

 - Assess progress.

 - Avoid inconsistency in responses to jumping.


"My dog sniffs out and eats everything off the ground during walks. How can I stop this scavenging habit?"

"I'm worried my dog will eat something harmful outside. How can I teach him to ignore trash and leftovers on the street?"

Day 1: Start with “leave it” command.

 - Begin with less tempting items.

 - Avoid scolding if they don’t comply immediately.

Day 2: Increase temptation gradually.

 - Reward ignoring items.

 - Don’t rush to more tempting items too quickly.

Day 3: Practice with distractions.

 - Slowly introduce new distractions.

 - Avoid environments with too many distractions initially.

Day 4: Apply on walks.

 - Keep sessions short.

 - Don’t allow scavenging even once.

Day 5: Gradually increase difficulty.

Consistent reinforcement.

Avoid tense or frustrated reactions.

Day 6: Different environments.

 - Practice in parks, streets.

 - Avoid areas with dangerous items.

Day 7: Review progress; refine training.

 - Acknowledge improvements.

 - Don’t neglect daily practice.

Excessive Attention Seeking

"My dog won’t leave me alone; he’s always nudging me for attention. What should I do?"

"Whether I'm working or relaxing, my dog is constantly seeking attention. How can I help her be more independent?"

Day 1: Ignore attention-seeking; reward independence.

 - Don’t respond to whining or nudging.

 - Avoid reinforcing negative behavior.

Day 2: Structured playtime.

 - Provide clear play and cuddle times.

 - Don’t play on demand.

Day 3: Practice brief periods of separation.

 - Gradually increase separation time.

 - Avoid long separations too soon.

Day 4: Briefly leave the room.

 - Return without fuss.

 - Don’t make a big deal upon return.

Day 5: Extend out-of-sight periods.

 - Gradually increase time.

 - Avoid sneaking out; be calm and normal.

Day 6: Reinforce calm behavior on return.

 - Keep greetings low-key.

 - Don’t encourage excitable greetings.

Day 7: Assess progress; continue training.

 - Look for improvements.

 - Avoid inconsistency in responses.

Crate Training

"I want to crate train my puppy, but he cries every time I put him in. How can I make the crate a happy place for him?"

"Is there a way to crate train my dog so she doesn't feel like she's being punished?"

Day 1: Introduce the crate positively.

 - Leave door open at first.

 - Avoid forcing them into the crate.

Day 2: Feed meals near or in the crate.

 - Create positive associations.

 - Don’t rush closing the door.

Day 3: Short periods in the crate.

 - Gradually increase time.

 - Avoid leaving them too long initially.

Day 4: Extend crate time.

 - Include favorite toys.

 - Don’t use the crate as punishment.

Day 5: Practice leaving the room.

 - Return without fuss.

 - Avoid lengthy absences at first.

Day 6: Increase duration with you out of sight.

 - Build up time gradually.

 - Don’t ignore signs of distress.

Day 7: Overnight crating.

 - Ensure they’re comfortable.

 - Avoid skipping steps to rush this stage.

Excessive Barking

"My dog barks non-stop at every little noise. How can I get some peace and quiet?"

"The neighbors have complained about my dog's constant barking. What can I do to help him bark less?"

Day 1: Identify triggers; introduce “quiet” command.

 - Understand what causes barking.

 - Avoid yelling, it can sound like barking to a dog.

Day 2: Practice with minor distractions.

 - Keep sessions short.

 - Don’t ignore the root cause of barking.

Day 3: Increase level of distraction.

 - Gradual exposure.

 - Avoid too much too soon.

Day 4: Different settings.

 - Helps generalize training.

 - Don’t confine training to one location.

Day 5: Simulate real-life scenarios.

 - Use regular visitors, doorbells.

 - Avoid punishing natural alert barking.

Day 6: Extend quiet periods.

 - Gradually lengthen the duration of quiet.

 - Don’t forget to reward silence.

Day 7: Review and continue training.

 - Note improvements.

 - Avoid inconsistent commands or rewards.

These are just starting points to a happier, well-behaved dog. Ready for a tailored solution? Start our free quiz now to receive a personalized training roadmap! 

And for a deeper dive into your dog's behavior and a comprehensive solution, join us at Wiglo Online School for Dog Parents. Let's embark on this journey together for a happier, healthier relationship with your beloved pet.

Testimonials from satisfied Wiglo members

"I had issues with my dog's leash pulling and separation anxiety. Joining Wiglo was a game-changer. The online convenience and accessibility of trainers who responded within hours made it feel like in-person training, but in the comfort of my own home. I asked questions daily and received personalized advice. The value for the price is incredible, especially considering that a one-year membership costs about the same as an hour of in-person training!"

- Sarah from California

"Our family struggled with our puppy's crate training and excessive barking. We decided to try Wiglo, and I can confidently say it exceeded our expectations. The trainers were always ready to assist, responding quickly to our numerous questions. The difference in our puppy's behavior is remarkable, and the cost is surprisingly affordable for the level of support we received. It's like having a personal trainer but at a fraction of the price."

- Mark from New York

"Dealing with my dog's scavenging habit and attention-seeking behavior was overwhelming. After joining Wiglo, not only did I find solutions, but the trainers also encouraged me to ask as many questions as needed, which really personalized the experience. It’s amazing how much value I got for such a reasonable price. It's true - you get the same, if not better, results compared to expensive in-person classes."

- Emily from Texas

"Using Wiglo to address my dog's leash pulling was not only effective but also incredibly enjoyable. The variety of fun and interactive training activities available made each session something we both looked forward to. What really stood out for me was the emphasis on positive reinforcement, which transformed our training sessions into a bonding experience. The progress we've made is truly beyond my expectations."

- Kevin from Michigan

"Before joining Wiglo, I was unsure about managing my dog's separation anxiety. What I didn't expect was how much I would learn about myself through the process. The program not only provided effective training techniques for my dog but also enlightened me on the importance of consistency, patience, and understanding in training. This journey has not just improved my dog's behavior; it has made me a more attentive and empathetic pet owner. It's truly been a transformative experience for both of us."

- Angela from Oregon

Get a free personalized training roadmap in 1 hour

Your sidekick for tackling unwanted dog behaviors in a positive way

Start with a roadmap that pinpoints areas for improvement then enjoy easy step-by-step lessons, trainer support, and celebrate your dog's progress at their own pace.

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Every fur-baby needs education

Most pet owners (78%) see their pets as cherished 'fur-babies,' but sadly, only a small number (4%) of dogs in the U.S. attend training classes. It's sad because every dog needs training, but many families miss out on this important step. Dog parents play a crucial role in guiding their dogs to learn and grow, and we're here to assist you in starting this essential journey.

(1) According to Statista.com

(2) According to American Pet Product Association National Pet Owners Survey 

Why do most parents fail in training their dog?

Have you ever wondered why your dog does well at home but struggles outside? It's like when we learn something in one place and find it hard to use that knowledge somewhere new. Dogs face a similar challenge; they find it tough to do what they've learned in different places. Dogs learn by recognizing patterns, just like us, but sometimes they need more practice. When a dog doesn't do what we ask, it's not because they're being naughty – it often means they haven't fully learned. Consistency in training is crucial. That's where Wiglo comes in, guiding you every day until your dog gets it right.

The best time to train your dog is always now

Delaying training, often due to allowing puppies to just be themselves, can lead to regrets. The misconception that old dogs can't learn new tricks further complicates the matter. In reality, there's no perfect time, but starting from day one is undeniably the best approach. Don't fall into the trap of thinking it's ever too early or too late – seize the opportunity now to enhance your dog's behavior and your bond. 



Barking & chewing furniture when left alone

Staying calm & happy alone for up to a few hours

Scavenging & pulling the leash

Walking relaxed, paying more attention to you

Barking to other dogs or people

Stress-free interactions with other dogs and people

Not coming when called

Actively comes when called, even with distractions nearby

Excessive attention seeking

Enjoys private time playing or resting

Barking & whining when crated

Treats crate as a cozy and safe place to chill

Taking over parent’s bed or sofa

Jumps on your bed or sofa only after a cue

How to start

Step 1: Quiz

Complete a quick quiz to understand your dog's behavior and get a personalized improvement roadmap.

Step 2: Roadmap

Receive a visually engaging roadmap detailing evaluation scores for various behaviors, along with recommended training sequences.

Step 3: Start Training

Join Wiglo's online school for instant access to all training programs included in your roadmap, enabling you to work on improving all identified behaviors over time.

Improve dog's behavior one day at a time

Your guide to better dog behavior

Unlock the potential of your furry friend with our comprehensive roadmap designed for effective behavior improvement.

  • Behavior Evaluation: Quickly understand your dog's current behavior and identify key areas for improvement.

  • Tailored Training Recommendations: Get specific program suggestions based on behavior evaluations, categorized for optimal focus — Highly Recommended, Recommended, or Optional.

  • Flexible Training Timeline: Receive estimated durations for each program and a suggested training order, with the freedom to tackle multiple behaviors simultaneously.

Training programs tailored for dog parents

Step into a world of structured learning with our easy-to-follow training programs, a perfect blend of convenience and effectiveness for the modern dog parent.

  • Easy-to-Follow Guidance: Our training programs are designed with dog parents in mind, especially beginners. They're clear-cut and user-friendly, ensuring the learning journey is as enjoyable as it is effective.

  • Focused & Manageable Lessons: Target specific behaviors with focused daily lessons. Each bite-sized lesson, lasting 15-30 minutes, is crafted to fit into even the busiest of schedules.

  • Flexible & Progress-Tracking: Advance at a pace that suits both you and your dog. The programs allow for flexibility to handle multiple behaviors at once, with all your progress saved and easy to track.

Indoor Potty Accidents

Potty training

14 Day 


Ignoring Recall Calls

recall training

21 Day 


Lacking Owner Connection

build a strong bond

14 Day 


Puppy Biting Issue

solve puppy bitting


Reactive Outdoor Behavior

Solve Reactivity

21 Day 


Unwanted Food Snatching

stop scavenging

14 Day 


Invading Sleeping Spaces

keep a dog off your bed

7 Day 


Anxious When Alone


28 Day 


Pulling On Leash

stop leash pulling

14 Day 


Puppy Social Challenges

puppy socialization & basics

8 week 


Resisting Crate Time

crate training

28 Day 


Demanding Constant Attention

solve attention seeking

7 Day 


Excessive Greeting Jumping

solve jumping

12 Day 


Indoor Potty Accidents


14 Day 


Reactive Outdoor Behavior

Solve Reactivity

21 Day 


Anxious When Alone

Solve Separation Anxiety

28 Day 


Resisting Crate Time

Crate training

28 Day 


Ignoring Recall Calls

recall training

21 Day 


Unwanted Food Snatching

stop scavenging

14 Day 


Pulling On Leash


14 Day 


Demanding Constant Attention


7 Day 


Lacking Owner Connection


14 Day 


Invading Sleeping Spaces


7 Day 


Puppy Social Challenges


8 week 


Excessive Greeting Jumping


12 Day 


Puppy Biting Issue



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Hear from our happy Wiglo families

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from some of our satisfied customers:


Mar 30, 2022

So far its a 5/5 !

“So far, wiglo has been amazing. I am still new here, but everything is laid out amazingly. I am training a PSD service dog who will, once completed training, be certified. These are NOT service dog tasks, but these courses help tremendously to lay a SOLID and reliable foundation. There is everything from potty training to leave it and proper socialization. A total of 12 courses as of now, that are all behaviors any dog should have. Acess to teainer help 24 hours, and there support is AMAZING. I was having some issues and Sara went above and beyond to help!"


May 21, 2022

Wiglow was excellent in starting off Phoebe's trainingme…

"Wiglow was excellent in getting me started with my puppy. I worked full time and take her to work with me so conventional dog training classes just didn't fit my schedule. Wiglow I was able to use at my own pace and convenience."


Aug 4, 2022

Non- Overwhelming Training!

“I really liked Wiglo. Training a dog can be overwhelming, but they break it down day by day. The lessons were easy to understand for me and my dog. I learned a lot about why my dog acts certain ways in situations and how to help that. I would recommend Wiglo to anyone who wants to train on their own time and have constant support. Plus, the price can't be beat!


Jul 8, 2022

We're both learning!

“Wiglo has been a great tool in teaching my 7 month old rescue. They go over every command you could want to teach and has given some really helpful insight as an owner. Would definitely recommend, only wish they had reminders to keep training!


Feb 24, 2023

I was expecting much more

“I think that the course contains really good material, but since it is a text-based course, the information is not accessible it needs video, examples, pictures etc. I was expecting much more.


Sep 17, 2022

Best Socialization Check List

“They have a huge socialization checklist of things to do with a new puppy that I LOVE!! It breaks it down simply with reasoning behind each thing. Also started the crate training one which is the course that convinced me to try Wiglo. It's been a week and although he's still anxious in the crate when we are not in the room, he can now sleep in it all night!!”


Aug 26, 2022

This is a great site

“This is a great site. You can train at your own pace. The training didnt fit my needs. The response from the team is excellent I am not sure how they respond so fast. They actually work with you as an individual. They are making more advanced trainings so I will keep them in mind in the future. Honest company.”


Sep 23, 2022

Room for improvement, but an incredible, well-thoughtout, clearly cared for product.

“They really go above and beyond. The customer service is great, the planning checklist, the way the individual plan is laid out, it's all very bite sized and I find it as a first-time dog owner, really easy to understand as I go. It does what you need to do: go slow. They clearly understand what it takes to train your dog, they make it easy for the dog owners to be able to get to the basic roots of how to communicate and build a relationship with your dog. Their layout and interaction for each plan is very well managed, and although i see room for improvement in the way this could be integrated into a better dashboard, I think for now, this is an incredible product that I can't wait to see where it goes.


Jun 4, 2023

Easy to follow programs, big difference!

"Easy to follow training program you can complete at your own pace. The lessons are easily digestible, small amounts of information delivered at a time and they build upon previous lessons. We would review a lesson each morning and apply the trainings throughout the day. Some days we repeated trainings from the previous day if our beagle didn't seem to grasp the concept. After just a week of focused training we noticed our dog was much more responsive to our cues and calmer on walks! Love how simple the programs were to follow!!"

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