Dangerous foods for dogs | feeding from the table

Most common human foods that are most toxic to dog

Some dog foods which are completely fine to humans might cause problems for dogs. Here are some examples of the most common ones.


X onions might cause irritation, red blood cell damage

Fruit and berries: 

X avocado might cause diarrhea, vomiting

X grapes, raisins: liver and kidney problems


X chocolate might cause kidney failure

X candies

Artificial sweeteners: 

X xylitol is linked to liver failure and blood clotting. Found in chewing gum, soda drinks


X Alcohol causes intoxication, sickness, diarrhea

If your dog has eaten any of these foods, go to your vet. Also, it would be advisable to make her vomit. This way she wouldn't digest the toxic food and won't damage her body.

Should I feed my dog from the table?

Although most people believe dogs shouldn't get any food from the table, it's not entirely true. Some human foods do not harm our dogs.

Meat and fish if it doesn't contain any salt or other spices. Vegetables, such as cucumbers or potatoes, fruit, such as apples and watermelon are also good for dogs. Be sure not to give your pup any seasoned food, also avoid food with seeds or other not safe to eat vegetable and fruit parts, such as an apple stalk.

In general, food from the table itself is not doing too much harm. The problem is that people tend to give food directly from the table. This way the dog learns to stay next to a table and patiently wait for some tasty bits. If you want to give some food to your pup, it's better to use it during training sessions or place it into her bowl or crate. We advise against giving any food while you eat, as most dogs quickly understand that following your every movement while you eat is beneficial. Most owners don't want their dogs to be hanging around while eating.