Jenna Conquers Dog's Separation Anxiety: JENNA collin’s Inspiring dog training Story

Jenna Conquers Dog's Separation Anxiety: ' Turned Our Lives Around!'

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Last update: May 5th
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Jenna Collins (35) spent two years struggling with her dog's severe separation anxiety. 

"I was at my wit's end," Jenna recalls. "I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. My dog, Rex, would become a total wreck whenever I left the house. Neighbors complained, my landlord was unhappy, and even work started to suffer."

After successfully addressing Rex's separation anxiety with the help of's online school, Jenna is now a proud and relieved dog owner who inspires others in the dog parent community with her story.

Today we sat down with Jenna to find out more about the routine that helped Rex overcome his separation anxiety and brought peace to Jenna's life.

Jenna, could you explain a little bit more about where it all began? Why did you start working on Rex's separation anxiety?

"Rex's separation anxiety had reached a critical point. I couldn't take it anymore. I knew I had to find a solution, not just for my sake but also for Rex's well-being.

A friend recommended, and I decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose. Thankfully, it worked wonders for Rex."

How did help you address Rex's separation anxiety?

" provided me with guidance and recommendations on various techniques, exercises, and toys to help Rex feel comfortable being alone. We created a sanctuary for him and worked on desensitizing triggers while gradually increasing the time he could stay calm by himself.

It's not that sells physical products, but their online school was a game-changer. I followed their advice and saw incredible progress in Rex's behavior."

What was the reaction you've gotten from others after seeing Rex's improvement?

"People were amazed! My neighbors, my landlord, and even my colleagues noticed the difference in Rex. They couldn't believe how much he had improved in such a short period.

I'm so grateful to for helping me turn things around for Rex. Now, he can stay home alone for two hours without any problems, and it's all thanks to their science-based approach and guidance."

What other benefits have you noticed since addressing Rex's separation anxiety?

"Besides the obvious relief of not having Rex barking and whining constantly, I've noticed that he's become a happier, more confident dog. He trusts that I'll come back, and it's evident in his behavior.

I also feel less stressed, knowing that I can leave my home without worrying about Rex or the complaints from neighbors. Overall, it's been a life-changing experience for both of us."

What would you say to people who are struggling with their dogs' separation anxiety?

"Don't give up! There is hope, and there are resources like that can help you and your dog overcome separation anxiety.

It may take time and effort, but it's worth it. Your dog deserves to feel secure and happy, and you deserve to have a peaceful and stress-free life. Stick with it, and you'll see amazing results."

If Jenna's story resonates with you and you're struggling with your dog's separation anxiety, don't hesitate to visit and explore membership options of the online school. Jenna wholeheartedly recommends it, and with the remarkable transformation in both her and Rex's lives, everyone is confident that it's worth a try.

So why wait? Start your journey with today and see the positive impact it can have on you and your furry friend.

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