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How do I choose a good breeder?

First, your gut feeling is important. If you feel that the seller is hiding something from you, don’t buy a puppy and look for another place. Mutual trust is important as you are buying a living creature.

Second, check all the documentation. Contact the kennel club and ask about the kennel of your choice. They will check if everything is fine, and your puppy will have all the necessary documentation. In some countries, kennels are registered also through a veterinary entity making this information accessible on the internet. If you are not sure, ask the kennel club about it or your veterinarian. They should help you out.

Third, check the dogs’ living conditions. Not only the mother and her litter, but think about other dogs (if there are more). Are they healthy? Do they look happy?

Fourth, don’t be afraid to ask questions – even if you think they are dumb. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to be best friends with your breeder (although some people establish strong relationships), but trust is very important.

We strongly advise against buying a puppy with no pedigree, as it most probably supports illegal business and bad living conditions of these dogs. However, it’s perfectly fine to get a mixed breed dog from a shelter or directly from a street! We have spent so much time discussing how to get a pedigree dog just because the tendency of the past 10 years is clear, as more and more people are getting pedigree dogs as their first dog ever.