Consistency is the best dog trainer for solving separation anxiety

Your commitment is more valuable than expensive dog classes. Use an easy-to-follow training plan to solve separation anxiety at-home.


"They don’t realize that their dogs are adapting to them being around, and when they leave for work it’s going to be a shock to them."

"One of the largest welfare charities, called Dogs Trust, has changed its 30-year-old slogan from "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" to "A dog is for life, not just for lockdown."

"Separation anxiety can be extremely hard to overcome if it is not addressed in the very early stages"

What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety is an actual condition that some dogs suffer from. They are not simply disobedient, and it can be triggered in many ways:

  • A sudden change in a dog’s routine, for example, spending much more time alone than usual

  • Not training your puppy to be comfortable being alone from a young age

  • A rescue dog who has anxiety from being in rescue kennels

  • The death of a pet friend your dog has lived with for years

  • A change in surroundings such as moving house

  • Hereditary behavior patterns or genetics

  • Boredom

It manifests in highly distressed and destructive behavior from your pet when you leave the house. Depending on the dog, the signs can begin as soon as you start to put on your shoes, or they may not start until after you’ve left home and you return to angry complaints of excessive barking from your neighbors, or to find your dog has chewed up your furniture and toileted on the floor.

Extreme consequences when symptoms of separation anxiety are ignored:

  • Dogs have been known to break their teeth by trying to escape.

  • Dogs may develop eating disorders and lethargic behavior.

  • Dogs tear their nails and skin by trying to get out through the doors.

  • Dogs destroy doors and breakthrough windows to escape as their anxiety increases.

An easy step-by-step plan to solve dog separation anxiety at-home

Consistency is the key to success when it comes to training a dog. It’s an undeniable truth that every dog trainer would agree on. The only question is whether you’re willing to commit your time & energy for training your dog at-home OR you prefer to pay hundreds & thousands of dollars for dog classes. 

This training plan for solving dog separation anxiety is a perfect choice for dog owners who would like to train their dogs on their own by following an easy day-by-day plan. 

How it works?

Follow a daily training program on any device

Track progress towards happiness

Improve dog's separation anxiety day-by-day

Step no.1

Start an easy-to-follow 28 days training plan

Works on any device
  • Only 15-Minutes Training Per Day

    This plan is customized to follow the rules of the lockdown, meaning you won’t need to leave home.

  • Very Easy To Follow

    The plan was created for beginners to understand, so that everyone from a teenager to a senior could follow it!

  • Hear No Complaints For Leaving Him Alone

    Find out how to teach a dog to enjoy his own company & stop excessive barking.

  • No Reason To Bark

    Help your dog to understand that there is no reason to bark because you will come back.

  • Inspire Your Dog With Smart Toys, Puzzles & More

    Get suggestions to which toys are the best for different types of dogs.

  • Printable Happy Progress Calendar Will Keep You Accountable

    Draw a smile every day to let yourself know how the training of the day went. Celebrate the progress and show off to family or friends. People love to stick it on the fridge.

  • Create A Strong Bond Of Trust With Your Dog With A Few Easy Tricks

    Solving a dog’s separation anxiety is a game of trust. A feeling of confidence for each other with your four-legged family member is fulfilling.

Step no.2

Track your dog’s progress towards happiness on a printable calendar

It will keep you accountable & make yourself proud afterwards

Step no.3

Be proud of your progress

Yes, it's that simple!

"I couldn’t even take a shower without my poor pup crying at the door…I figured her anxiousness was a sign of separation anxiety. I know that a lot of pups are going through this right now because of a year long lockdown. Now I’m on day 18 and she spent 60 minutes stress-free! It’s been amazing!" 


"There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on trainers, you have the tools that you need right here in front of you. Wiglo is the way to go!" 


"Tommy used to have such bad separation anxiety. We would leave the house and see him on the cameras crying, looking so sad that we weren’t there, and just waiting at the door… I’ve ended my 28 days and he was able to stay up to two hours on his own, and just feel much more comfortable at home. The program was super easy to follow!" 


Is this training plan right for me?

It’s ideal for:

  • Preventing a dog from having separation anxiety due to working-from-home and being in lockdown.

  • Training puppies to comfortably stay home-alone from young age.

  • Dog owners (including beginners) who want to solve separation anxiety by themselves instead of hiring an expensive dog trainer.

  • For dogs with severe symptoms of separation anxiety (eating disorders, tearing their nails and skin by trying to get out through the doors or windows) we would suggest consulting a dog behaviourist to ensure a personalized treatment and extra precautions.

Before & After

Solve Separation Anxiety



Due to a year-long lockdown, most dogs forgot what it's like to be alone, and “lockdown puppies” have never been alone in their whole life. By completing this program you will teach your dog how to stay calm at home alone, and avoid howling, barking, and destructive behavior. 

  • One-Time Payment, Lifetime Access

  • 14-Day Refund Policy

  • Instant Access Digital Product




“Being a first-time dog owner is mostly terrifying, and only sometimes fun (I expected otherwise). I love how easily the program is written, and I don’t need to read hundreds of pages or do the guesswork. Now I’m more confident than ever, and my pooch is as well!”



“I saved a bunch of dollars by successfully training my curly monster myself.”



“Barbie smashed her today’s training and achieved a 2 hours trust-period for the first time!! So happy for her 🤩 and my freedom 🐶”



“After finding out the prices of dog trainers I was really afraid that I won’t solve my dog’s separation anxiety, and was about to give him away. Luckily, the trainer I was contacting recommended this training program as an affordable solution. Now I can’t believe I almost gave away my best-friend! This program was more than enough to figure it out on my own. And their email support is amazingly fast!”



“Before getting a dog I knew that it will be a problem leaving him alone for a day. But I can't even leave him for 2 minutes! Why no one talks about it???  The training plan we received helped us understand what to do in a step-by-step manner.  I highly recommend Wiglo!!!”



“Rocky was crying after 8 seconds of not finding me when I started the training in December. Three months later and he doesn't mind my 3 hr absence. I even started dating again (without a four-legged bodyguard 😂)!”



"I purchased 28-day training program last week and I’m really happy with it. What I expected."



“My 5-month puppy has never been left alone in his whole life due to lockdown. Finding your program helped me to prevent his separation anxiety. I was surprised how easy the program was (it’s my first dog)!”

Frequently asked questions

Why is in-person training not necessary?

No matter how good (or expensive) a trainer is, a dog's behavior couldn’t be fixed in a few in-person training sessions. The real change happens at home, during your daily routine.

That’s why we provide you with day-to-day training programs that you could follow as if a trainer would be standing beside you every single day. 

And if you get stuck or have a question, you can write on a discussion board to receive an answer from a professional trainer in 24 hours, usually in less than 15 minutes.

Is Wiglo online training programs for me?

Our online day-to-day training programs are based on science, positive reinforcement methodology and designed to be simple, short, and clear. 

Wiglo is a perfect choice for new dog parents who wish to:

  • Save money by not spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on in-person training

  • Save time by not reading books full of theory without any clear action plan

  • Save energy by not doing the guesswork researching various sources online

Are these training programs for young puppies or older dogs?

Wiglo training programs work for dogs of all ages, and no matter if you have a purebred or a mixed rescue. All dogs are welcome to be trained!

Who made Wiglo training programs?

Every training program was made by our team of highly certified professional dog trainers who have many years of experience in the field. 

They’ve trained hundreds of dogs in person and now joined Wiglo to help hundreds of thousands of dogs. In a digital age, and with the help of online training programs that every beginner can follow themselves – it became possible.

When can I expect results?

It depends on the behavior you’re trying to improve, but generally speaking, by doing 10-15 minute training sessions daily for a few weeks you will wonder where your dog is, and who this good boy (or girl) is. It’s all about consistent training!

What if I get stuck during the training or have a question?

Each day’s training has its discussion board where you can ask questions, upload a video if needed, and receive an answer from a professional trainer in 24 hours, usually in less than 15 minutes.

How will I receive access to online training programs?

After completing the payment, you will receive a welcome email to set up a password for your account at 

After you’ve set up your account password, you could access all of our training programs on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, or PC) by visiting

If you encounter any issues regarding access to training programs, please contact us at and we will help you out!

How do online training programs work?

The training programs are based on a single-tasking methodology which makes it easier to stay consistent, more easily achievable, and less stressful. 

Each training program is divided into short daily training sessions that unlock each day. After succeeding in today’s training and marking it as complete, you will continue to the next day's training. 

If you didn’t succeed on today’s task, we recommend you repeat it the next day, until you reach the day’s training goal and only then move to the next training. 

This way, you will steadily improve your dog’s behavior day after day.

What rewards can I win by completing training programs?

By completing each training program you will earn unique badges as certificates. At the end of each annual quarter, we will randomly select 5 winners (out of those who earned at least one badge certificate during a quarter) for various prizes: limited edition Wiglo merchandise, dog toys, treats, useful training equipment, and free months of Wiglo membership. The more badges you will collect, the more chances of winning you will have. Having a perfectly trained dog always pays off!

Which devices can be used to access training programs?

Our online training platform can be accessed on any mobile device, a tablet, laptop, or PC. You may even change devices and the progress will be saved, so you would always know where you have left off. 

Can I get a refund if I already paid?

We offer a full refund within the first 14 days. If 14 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund.

What if I couldn’t afford the price?

We want to make the training programs accessible for everyone, so if you wish to join Wiglo but for some reason couldn't pay the full price, do not hesitate and reach out via, and we will work something out.

Why do people ask for a refund?

Usually, it’s dog parents that are looking for some secret quick fix for their dog’s unwanted behavior and are not willing to put effort (or don’t have the patience) in general.

Then, some clients decide to try out in-person training, but they usually come back after getting the same training guidance but many times more expensive.

And some simply don’t let us know why they’ve left. So if you do, please let us know why – we strive to continuously improve our training programs and service in general to satisfy every client’s needs.

Ask us anything!

You can also reach out to and we will be in touch.

Solve Separation Anxiety



Due to a year-long lockdown, most dogs forgot what it's like to be alone, and “lockdown puppies” have never been alone in their whole life. By completing this program you will teach your dog how to stay calm at home alone, and avoid howling, barking, and destructive behavior. 

  • One-Time Payment, Lifetime Access

  • 14-Day Refund Policy

  • Instant Access Digital Product