Your consistency is the best dog trainer for solving separation anxiety

Prevent & solve dog separation anxiety at home by following 28 days self-paced training program made for beginners

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Find out if you can solve your dog's separation anxiety


Dog Owners Succeeded By Completing A 28-Day Training Program

"Being able to even go to get groceries has been a task that we’re not been able to do. 28 days is nothing in terms of a commitment to ensure that she is comfortable at home alone. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on trainers, you have the tools that you need right here in front of you. This program is the way to go!" 


"I couldn’t even take a shower without my poor pup crying at the door…I figured her anxiousness was a sign of separation anxiety. I know that a lot of pups are going through this right now because of a year long lockdown. Now I’m on day 18 and she spent 60 minutes stress-free! It’s been amazing!" 


"We started out with just 3 minutes, not very long, he did okay but now we’re all the way up to 70 minutes all by himself! Seriously, it has changed so much for us. It is such an easy program that just helps you build trust with your dog, and also helps them realise ‘hey, they’re going to come back at the end of it’. I highly recommend it! ’


"Tommy used to have such bad separation anxiety. We would leave the house and see him on the cameras crying, looking so sad that we weren’t there, and just waiting at the door… I’ve ended my 28 days and he was able to stay up to two hours on his own, and just feel much more comfortable at home. The program was super easy to follow!"