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About us

We are striving to empower every beginner dog owner to have a happy, healthy, and independent best friend. 

The Dog Explained was created after stumbling upon a realization that most information online related to dog training is very vague, and not always trustworthy. 

Meanwhile, local dog trainers are preferred as credible, and professional sources of guidance but therein lies the problem. It cost a lot. In some cases, it's $100 per one-hour session to receive personalized guidance. And usually, the dog owner is still the one who does the actual training (and it should be that way) according to the steps a trainer provides. 

So in a way, dog trainers charge for the knowledge they’ve gathered throughout the long years of work and studies, and you do the training yourself. 

And if you don’t have the money to spend for the dog trainer, your option is either educational books that work great for sleep (just because it’s so old fashioned, theoretical, and hard to read) or googling every question that pops, and flipping a coin on which recommendation you should follow after finding so many different opinions.

Having all said, we’ve gathered a team of professional dog trainers to take a fresh look into dog training in general. And the result is... 

The Dog Explained – an affordable and credible source of self-paced training programs that every beginner could follow since everything is explained in common sense and chewed in short daily bites.

About TRUST ME,PUP™ program:

We’ve created this self-paced training program because there are too many dogs suffering from separation anxiety and too few trainers in the US.

According to the most recent data we found, there are ~20,000 dog trainers in the US, and roughly ~10,000,000 dogs with symptoms of separation anxiety. 

That’s at least five hundred dogs for each trainer. And every year, there are new puppies in need of help. We find it overwhelming. 

We’ve gathered a team of professional trainers to create a program that would empower every dog owner, especially a first-timer, to build a healthy relationship with their best friend, and solve separation anxiety. Hopefully, before it gets serious. Preventing is easier than fixing it.